The Ticket Collector

We will find you...

The extraordinary true story of the first and last Nazi to be captured and prosecuted in England.

Andrei Sawoniuk was an illiterate, poverty-stricken 21-year-old when the Nazis invaded his small town in Eastern Poland in 1941. At first, he merely collaborated with the invading forces, but he soon became a cruel and vicious mass murderer. His crimes were so severe that after the war the KGB assigned sixteen agents to track him down – but in the chaos of post-war Europe, he escaped.

It would be over fifty years before he was finally found. He’d been working as a London Bridge Railway Station ticket collector for 25 years. He was caught and brought to trial at the Old Bailey in London in 1999.

An Eden Films / Sprout Pictures Co-Production

    Executive Producers David Burns , Gina Carter & Mike Anderson